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What to Expect

Dr. Hansell utilizes a functional medicine model. This means she and her team will gather detailed information about your history starting from birth to get to the root cause of your health concerns. You will first meet with our Integrative Health Coach to gather this information. You will then meet with Dr. Hansell to develop a plan to treat the root causes.

Your First Visit

  • Prior to your initial visit, you will forward any pertinent information (labs, diagnostic tests, and genetic testing if applicable) so that Dr. Hansell can review that along with your detailed health questionnaire completed in our electronic health system portal. You will have your labs drawn prior to your first visit, based on your medical history, questionnaire, and medical records reviewed.

  • Your first visit will be virtual with one of our team members. This will be an hour and a half and includes a nutrition assessment and resource guidance.

Your Second Visit

  • Your 2nd visit will be an in-office visit that is a minimum of 2 hours.

  • Upon arrival, vitals and a BIA (Body Impedance Analysis) test are performed. This gives us information about your basal metabolic rate and body mass index.

  • Your health concerns and medical history will be discussed at length, giving you the opportunity to voice your concerns and questions. The results of the recent blood work along with your prior medical records will be reviewed.

  • Dr. Hansell will give you a detailed written protocol of her recommendations and treatment plan by the end of your visit.


  • Within two weeks from your initial visit, you are scheduled for a health coaching session via phone. Together you and our integrative health coach will collaborate to achieve your health goals outlined by the treatment plan.

  • Dr. Hansell and our integrative health coach will regularly monitor your progress and track the effectiveness of your individualized plan with follow-up appointments, making adjustments based on your lab results, specialized testing, and your symptoms. Before each visit, you fill out an interim health questionnaire. This gives us an update on your status in order to ensure any labs or testing needed is done prior to the follow-up, saving you both time and money. Our goal is to support you and advise you every step of the way. We work in conjunction with your existing doctors and may refer you to trusted specialists to ensure you receive the best possible care in all areas of concern.

  • By the time patients experience symptoms related to their inflammation, it is a long-standing process that has taken years to produce. Therefore, please understand that all the modalities targeted towards optimizing your health will still take time to treat your current symptoms while also preventing further diseases from developing.

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