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Does The Hansell Center for Functional Medicine take insurance?

 Dr. Hansell and Dr. Bybee are out-of-network providers and do not contract with any medical insurance companies. They are Opted-Out providers for Medicare.  To read more about our financial policy click here.

What should I expect in the first visit?

You can learn more about your first visit here.

How often are follow-up appointments?

You can learn more about follow-up appointments here.

How can I learn more without being a part of the practice?

Dr. Hansell posts regularly on her social media platforms with general information, recipes, exercises, and real-life demonstrations of living the lifestyle she teaches her patients. Follow Dr. Hansell on social media here. You can also visit our resources page here.

What are your patient successes?

Patients love to share their success stories. Click here to see some patient testimonials.

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