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“In 8 months of intermittent fasting, with the help of Dr. Hansell, I’ve lost 40 lbs. My energy levels have never been higher. And all of my important numbers have dramatically moved in the right direction. Intermittent fasting has changed my life forever.”

“A friend recommended Harriet to me when I was desperate to figure out why I was having so many health problems at my age. I have never had a physician spend an hour and a half with me and go through my health from childhood to present! Harriet is part physician/part detective/part friend. She truly cares about you and has figured out the “root cause” of my problems instead of throwing pills at the numbers. I have recommended her to so many people, and can’t say enough good things about her and her practice!”

“In one year, I lost 24 pounds, dropped my Cholesterol to 153, and became a triathlete.”

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